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ODEM top priority is the development of its employees. That’s why the company has created a friendly work environment where everyone can innovate and flourish professionally.


ODEM is building strong relationships with customers and suppliers to create a more effective and competitive supply chain contributing to the growth of those partnerships and partners.


Transparency and ethics are two of ODEM's key values. The company is working closely with organizations that are fighting illegal honey imports, with the authorities responsible for quality control.


ODEM highly professional expertise has enable the company to become a leader in bulk raw honey imports in Northern America, constantly developing new sourcing markets.

1989 Foundation

2010 Co-founder of True Source

2012 Present location

2011 Trading Dpt

2015 Quality Dpt

2016 Partnership with Export Packers

Odem International’s mission is to provide highly professional expertise in the bee products industry, both in North America and around the world, with unparalleled transparency, strong relationship and ethical values. ODEM is ensuring a strong link between honey producers and honey processors.



Odem commits itslef to create a healthier environment by fighting illegal honey trade. The company is taking an active part in associations such as True Source Honey, a key player in this conflict resolution. 

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